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3CH Color Analyzer is a very simple and unique tool for color visualisation : Hue (nothing else !), Saturation (in grayscale) and Color Intensity (compound : Lightness/Saturation).

I started working on this tool because I just wanted to visualize the color scheme of a great Korean artist : Alien1452 Perception of hue in that image are totally manipulated, like an optic illusion. You can easily visualize how he painted it with a small range of hue, but a large range of color saturation. You can study your works and many other images, like this one.

It's work in progress ! Much more features will come very soon. Don't use large images, if it's too slow... ;)
Enjoy !

(If it doesn't work, just intall .Net Framework 2.0 here)

- Illustration, Alien1452 -